Student Council of KhNU works in the following areas:

Public Relations Department.

Establishes partnerships with local organizations, provides informational support about events that relate to all spheres of university life.

Education and Student Development Department.

Provides constant monitoring of the educational process quality, receives, processes and implements the wishes of students concerning improving an education. Is engaged in attracting applicants to our university. Involves students in educational and literary events, considers and supports possible prospects for extracurricular educational projects.

Department of Social Work and Volunteering.

Organizes volunteer work for orphanages in our region. Supports events, which honor veterans of the World War II , together with organizations of the city.

Department of Tourism and Healthy Lifestyle.

Organizes excursions to picturesque corners of Ukraine. Promotes a healthy lifestyle among students by holding actions dedicated to the Day of Health, the Day of Solidarity with HIV-infected people, the Day of Peace.

Department of cultural work.

Provides a number of events, including: Student’s Day, Faculty Fairs, Student Evenings, Flash Mobs, Open-Air Cinema, and cooperates with the Center for Culture and Aesthetic Education.

KhNU Student Council provides a wide range of opportunities for students! Students who work here are talented, creative and ambitious people who diligently and persistently share their ideas and inspiration with everyone.

If you are active and creative, want to learn to organize events, learn a lot about the university, have ambitions and want successfully implement them, find friends and just be in the middle of events, then JOIN the Student Council team. We will make sure that your student life is very interesting!